Add your link to our site using our fully automated link exchange system!

Add your link to our site using our fully automated link exchange system!


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The Complete Reciprocal Link Exchange Solution
Achieve Top Ranks In Search Engines With LinkMachine

The most effective way to interest webmasters in linking to your site is by offering to exchange reciprocal links. This is a win-win situation – both of your web sites benefit from new targeted, relevant links.

Building your site’s link popularity doesn’t have to mean tedious hours spent gathering links, writing e-mails, and checking that sites you link to still link back.

LinkMachine automates every step of the link management process.

Google recently revealed the secrets of its search ranking technology by filing a patent application. What we found out is that Google values organic link building – link building that progresses naturally rather than appearing artificial. LinkMachine is the ideal tool for building link exchanges the way Google likes them. LinkMachine’s InstantLinks system and link search tools allow you to grow your link exchanges gradually and gain links from many different sites.

New links come to you!

Your site’s visitors can submit new links through LinkMachine’s submission form. LinkMachine can inspect each link that’s submitted and only accept the ones that meet your requirements – filter out links with inappropriate content, links with low PageRank, and much more.

Plus, as soon as you start using LinkMachine, you can invite other LinkMachine users to exchange links. In fact, many of them may take the first step and invite you! With a single click you can accept an invitation and build a new link exchange instantly. Exchanging quality, relevant links couldn’t be easier.

To find even more potential link partners, you can search by keyword for related sites and send out link exchange invitation e-mails based on customized e-mail templates. You can even find out what sites are linking to your competitors and invite them to exchange links with your site as well!

The key to success for a web site is good search engine ranking. All of the major search engines use link popularity to determine how well a site will rank – so the more high quality, relevant links that lead to your site, the higher it will rank. LinkMachine makes it easy to get the links you need by helping you establish hundreds of quality, relevant link exchanges.

LinkMachine will help you: 

Climb to the top of the search engines

Gain quality links to your site today

Automate your link management

Uncover exactly how to beat your top competitors

Attract thousands more targeted visitors to your site