How to read a credit report?

Your credit report represents you as a consumer and debtor; it shows how and why you use credit at your disposal. Any Canadian who has any credit also has a credit report that includes all the information relative to their credit history. These data are compiled by credit agencies, Equifax and TransUnion.

Who has access to your credit reports?

Any potential creditor can ask the agency to consult your credit report. For example, creditors can look at your credit history, credit rating and past financial problems to assess creditworthiness. People with a good credit rating and few financial problems are often perceived as being more solvent and therefore can get a loan more easily- Sauvonslesrased.

Although less common, employers and homeowners that you rent may ask you to provide a credit report. They do it only to assess your reliability; the popular belief is that people with good credit scores are more reliable in general.

Finally, you too can request a copy of your credit report. Keep in mind however that this copy will not show your credit score.

What information is present in my report?

Although both agencies have their own system for compiling information, you can expect to find the following information:

Personal information

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your present address and past addresses
  • Your phone numbers, current and past
  • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Information on your driving license
  • Your passport number
  • Your current employer and the employers of the past

Information on your credit history

  • All your credit accounts and all transactions: credit card, customer card, a line of credit and personal loan.
  • Your cell phone and home phone account
  • Bad point: fraud, closing accounts, etc.
  • Public and legal information: bankruptcies, judgments, pledges on houses or automobiles
  • Collection credit accounts
  • Credit applications from creditors, owners, and employers
  • Information about fraud alerts and identity checks

Does the negative information stay on the report forever?

Negative information can only appear on your report for a specific time; it’s the law in Canada. Although the rules and laws vary from province to province, the information is on your report for about 6-7 years.

To find out more about the different rules apply in different provinces, click here to visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website.

How do your debts appear on the report?

When your debtors and creditors send information to the credit reporting agencies, it appears with a letter and a number. That’s what each letter and number means:

  • “I” means that you have been granted an installment loan, such as a car loan; you borrow money once and repay it in fixed installments at regular intervals for a fixed period of time until the loan is repaid.
  • “O” means that you have an open credit as a line of credit; you borrow money, if necessary, up to a certain limit, and whose total balance is due at the end of each period. This category may also include student loans for which the money is due only after completing your studies.
  • “R” means that you have obtained a “renewable” credit; You repay money regularly by paying variable amounts based on your account balance, which allows you to borrow additional money up to your credit limit. Credit cards are good examples of “revolving” credit.
  • “M” mainly concerns mortgages. Note that not all mortgages appear on the report.

The numbers represent a ranking

  • 0: Too recent to be rated; allowed but not used
  • 1: Pay (or paid) within 30 days of the due date or no more than one late payment.
  • 2: Pays (or paid) within 30 days of the due date or no more than 60 days or two late payments.
  • 3: Pays (or paid) within 60 days of the due date or no more than 90 days or three late payments.
  • 4: Pays (or paid) within 90 days of the due date or no more than 120 days or four late payments.
  • 5: Account still at least 120 days late, but not filed 9.
  • 6: This rating does not exist.
  • 7: Makes payments regularly under a special agreement to settle debts.
  • 8: Resumption of possession (voluntary or involuntary, return of the goods).
  • 9: bad debt, placed in recovery; moved without giving new address or bankruptcy.

Each credit account you own will be associated with a letter and a number. So anyone who consults your report will be able to see what type of credit you have chosen and how that credit is rated.

The National Court files the overrun of mortgages of Caja Madrid


Sede de Caja Madrid

Former headquarters of Caja Madrid in Barcelona. ARCHIVE

The National Court has refused on Tuesday to investigate the systematic concession of overvalued mortgages by Caja Madrid between 2003 and 2009, coinciding with the real estate bubble, by admitting a recourse presented by the ex-general manager of the entity, Ildefonso Sánchez Barcoj.

The Third Section of the Criminal Chamber of the Hearing has accepted the appeal filed by Barcoj and has rejected the complaint filed on March 30 by two individuals . The head of the central court of investigation number 5, José de la Mata, considered admitting the complaint that there were indications of several possible crimes, including fraud, as well as unlawful association and falsification of documents, since the facts would have had a serious impact on the economy national.

The former president of Caja Madrid Miguel Blesa , Barcoj and other executives of the financial institution would have allowed the falsification and concealment of the accounts of the entity through a systematic practice supported by the appraiser of the group. Valuations Madrid valued the mortgaged properties above their price, which allowed to conceal the granting of loans “above 100% of the price of the sale”.


Valuations Madrid would have valued the mortgaged properties above their price

The Board understands that it is not possible to speak of a generalized bad practice, given that the cases analyzed are only one hundred, and indicates that the difference between the purchase price and the appraisal value could be due in many cases to that a lower price was written the real one In the buying and selling process and in the price fixing, remember the car, does not intervene the financial institution.

It is true that some operations had a “low quality” appraisal report, but after housing prices began to fall. “What is difficult to prove becomes an impossible crime,” says the car, which recalls that the valuation of a property is valid for three months , very little in a context of great volatility of the real estate market.

The bank did not “cheat” its customers

Caja Madrid, understands the car, did not “cheat” those who bought mortgage bonds referenced to the loans, which obtained the expected return on their investment. Likewise, it has not been demonstrated that the cashier had an “express and detailed internal order” on appraisals , but applied risk policies. In any case, the appraisals can be considered “inveraces” or erroneous, says the Chamber, but not “inauthentic” or false.

Regarding the accusation of embezzlement of public funds, the order states that those investigated, the executives of Caja Madrid, were not public servants, “nor were the funds arranged in the loans public,” but rather of investors and partners. In addition, it adds that Bankia “is not a direct successor of Caja Madrid” , so the entry of the Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring (FROB) came after the events reported.

In practice, the successor of Caja Madrid is the current Montemadrid Foundation , which inherited its governing bodies, but Judge De la Mata required Bankia, which received the financial business of the entity, to provide documentation on the main decision-making bodies. during the investigated period. In March, when the complaint was filed, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office opposed its admission arguing, among other reasons, that the overvaluation of the appraisals was “a generalized practice” by all entities. For this reason, the Prosecutor General’s Office considered last April that the facts denounced “had no criminal relevance” and ruled out the commission of the crimes.

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