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Payday loan with extended repayment term: Where to look for it?

Most of us already know the offer of private loan companies well. We know how to use their services. Some time ago these companies were not very popular. At that time, they were most often used by those who had no other choice, not fully aware of the fact that they were sinking financially even more. Horrendous amounts remained to be repaid and these transactions often ended in court.


Offers and terms of private companies are similar to banks

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Fortunately, those days are long gone. Today, the proposition of private companies and the conditions under which they lend money are very similar to those proposed by banks. However, we will not get payday loans at the bank. And this turns out to be a sensational way to finance sudden expenses when the wallet is empty and two weeks to pay out.

And here is a free loan for 30 days. How not to use it? A loan for $ 0 and 30 days to pay it back is a fait accompli. Most private loan companies offer this to their new clients. And what would we say for a free loan with an extended repayment period? Such, 60 days. Where to look for such a loan?


How do they earn parabanks on free loans?

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After all, it is obvious that no one works for non-profit and lends money to this and does not want to earn anything. Simply private non-bank companies treat free loans as a kind of advertisement. In this way, they lure customers to each other, and earn only on the next commitments made by us.

Once we borrow in such a company, we didn’t have any additional problems in this connection, we settled everything in a few moments and it didn’t even require leaving the house, it’s certainly in the case of another emergency, we will return to this company for another injection of cash, including already bearing interest.

However, the company is already checked by us, we trust it with some kind, and we can count on further discounts and discounts on loans. As regular customers, we’ll get a loan by sending a text message or submitting a quick application via the Internet. Formalities limited to a minimum, we do not waste time and energy on gathering a heap of documents.

And at this moment the loan company is starting to earn on us. Also a free loan for 30 or 60 days pays off to both parties.


Who is the loan for? And how not to be refused?

Who is the loan for? And how not to be refused?

Such a loan for 30 or 60 days can be taken by anyone who is over 18 or, in some companies is 21 years old, is a Polish citizen, has an ID card and personal account as well as Internet access. And of course, it is a new customer of the company, that is, he has never used its products before.

At one time, you can apply for several such loans from various companies, but you should make sure that in each of them you will definitely take out a loan for the first time. Because it can happen that a company that we used before, now borrows money under a different brand.

When this situation took place, we will certainly be refused a quick free loan. Then we are already treated as regular customers. But this does not mean that we will have to pay a lot for the loan as a regular customer.

Companies take care of their reliable customers and often offer interesting solutions, for example a 50% discount on another loan, or you can come across an interesting proposal when you submit an application on your birthday.

For now, the offer of free loans for 60 days is very modest. You have to follow and wait for the opportunity. There are very few, almost none. However, the vast majority of companies offer free loans for up to 30 days.


So where do you look for a free 60 day loan?

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At present, Wonga presents such an offer. It is not entirely free, because its total cost is $ 10, regardless of the amount we borrow. But it meets all those in need. Anyone, not just a new customer, can take out this loan. And the repayment period is 60 days.

And how much can we borrow? Wonga offers a loan of up to $ 1,500 to its customers. It can be successfully treated as a free payday loan for 60 days. This is probably the most interesting offer at the moment.

We will also meet such repayment periods at other loan companies. Among others, Ofir or Express Money. However, only regular customers can count on a 60-day repayment period. New ones can use only payday loans for 30 days in the amount of $ 1,500. Only Extra Wallet offers a maturity of 45 days.

This is a good solution for those who suddenly need cash and are interested in a longer than standard repayment period.


It is difficult to state clearly whether free loans for 60 days will be more common

It is difficult to state clearly whether free loans for 60 days will be more common

After all, parabanks want to earn too. Certainly, from a customer perspective, they would be very popular. Such a loan would be much easier to pay back, you would not have to worry about additional, sudden expenses or delays in the payment for the order.

This would certainly be a great solution for those who earn less regularly. They would have a little more time to take action to repay the commitment.

For now, we have to be content with free loans with a 30-day repayment period of up to 40 days. Maybe with time, when the market is already saturated with these offers, companies wanting to continue to attract new customers, will offer payday loans with a repayment period of 60 days.