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What income source can I take out a loan for?

Although it might seem otherwise, loan companies are scrupulously scrutinizing their clients ’creditworthiness. It may be confusing to define a loan without certification, which may suggest that you do not need to receive income to get a non-bank loan. This is not the case and in order to have a chance for payday loans or installments, you must have a source of income and companies verify them. It is true, however, that when it comes to the type of earnings and benefits that can be included in income, non-bank institutions are definitely more liberal than banks.

The main criterion is regularity of income

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A loan company that provides payday loans is not interested in what source the income comes from, as long as it is a legal source and provides the opportunity to pay the liability. More important, especially for installment loans with a long repayment period, is the regularity of this income.

A loan without certificates from a loan company means above all that you do not have to document your income, but you must declare it in your loan application. Non-bank institutions, of course, verify this, but in such a way as not to bother the client and not expose him to burying in documents. Most often it will be taking a statement of the balance on the client’s account and confirming the cash receipts.

What kind of income is accepted?

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The situation on the labor market is variable and – unfortunately – increasingly unfavorable for Polish employees. A large part of them are employed on the so-called junk contracts, which not only do not guarantee adequate employee rights, but are also disregarded by credit granting institutions. Loan companies do not ignore any type of employment, as long as the remuneration suggests that the borrower has the ability to repay the liability. Of course, the higher the salary and the more stable it will be easier to get a loan. It is true that the income requirements of loan companies are not too high, but higher earnings may be required.

Maintenance support loan – is it possible?

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This question very often arises in the context of calculating your creditworthiness. It is true that no bank will accept alimony as a source of income, since it can be concluded that money is primarily to meet the needs of the child, not the parent (unless the alimony is paid to the former spouse, but the amounts are too low). In addition, maintenance is not considered a regular source, as top-down collection systems for these benefits are not yet developed. However, this is not the case for loan companies that will easily grant loans to a person receiving maintenance.