Link building

How to super-power your link building

One problem link building projects face today is a disconnect between link building goals (more links) and business goals (more sales/leads/ad views). Additionally, there are “other signals” that may play a role. This results in binding strategies with decreasing effect. How to realign link building for success A few years ago, I did a site […]

Link building

How to use video for link building

I first wrote about using videos, especially on YouTube, for link building in 2010. Here is my opening paragraph of this article: “Nylon Magazine (and yes, I know I’m a little too old to read it) has started putting a YouTube link in every article in their print magazine. It’s a fantastic way to mix […]

Social bookmarking

John Mueller of Google on Social Bookmarks for Links

John Mueller of Google on a Hangouts Webmaster answered a question about social bookmarking tactics for links. Google’s Mueller offered an overview of how Google deals with low-quality link building. What is social bookmark for links? Social Bookmarking is a variant of forum spam. The idea behind it is that social media websites contain “authority” […]