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AI Image Generator Has a Spooky Idea of ​​What Dunsparce Evolution in Pokemon Would Look Like

Inspired by recent rumors, a fan is using an AI image generator to create an evolved form for the Normal-type Pokemon Dunsparce, with disturbing results.

Fan art is one of the main ways Pokemon fans celebrate their favorite creatures and other elements of the franchise, especially while waiting for new games like the next one Pokemon scarlet and violet. But it turns out Pokemon Fan art is no longer created solely by humans, as an AI attempted to create an evolution for Dunsparce, a Pokemon long known not to have one. The results, however, may leave flesh-and-blood fans confused and a little unnerved.


The last few months have seen the popularity of AI image generators explode. Programs like Craiyon (formerly known as DALL-E Mini) are able to create images based on written prompts. This makes it very easy for users to bring all sorts of quirky and creative ideas to fruition, ideas ranging from Red Dead Redemptionis Arthur Morgan in the style of Solid metal gear concept art to the witcherit’s Geralt de Riv who goes to McDonald’s. Such a tool would be perfect for quickly designing evolved forms for Pokémon that have never received one, like Dunsparce. Or, at least, it would be on paper.

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Inspired by rumors that Dunsparce would finally have an evolved form in Pokemon scarlet and violet, a Reddit user known as FlareBlitzBanana typed “Dunsparce evolution” into Craiyon to see what it would look like. However, things immediately take a troubling turn. Here, the winged slug-like Pokémon begins with a blobby outline that, over a series of drawings, gradually transforms into a semi-photorealistic biped with fin-like hands and a head protruding from its back. While that certainly undercuts the “evolution” part, it’s hard to see the “Dunsparce” in these alien illustrations.

It seems few fans have stumbled upon FlareBlitzBanana’s Reddit post as of this writing, and of those who have, the reactions are generally in varying degrees of amusement. One said he was horrified by Craiyon’s idea of ​​an evolved Dunsparce but wanted it anyway, while another jokingly said it was hot. And another joked that the AI-generated Dunsparce looked more like something transmitted by blood that Pokemonwhich is frankly understandable.

For now, it remains to be seen if the rumors that Dunsparce will soon be getting an evolution will end up being true, but with Pokemon scarlet and violet launch in three months, it won’t be long to find out. Considering it’s been around for over 20 years now, it’s safe to say that Dunsparce is overdue for some new form. It remains to be seen whether this form will end up near the strange version of Craiyon.

Pokemon scarlet and violet launching November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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