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AI Image Generator Shows What ‘Giga Chad’ Would Look Like With Elden Ring’s Frenzied Flame

The internet has quickly fallen in love with DALL-E Mini, an easily accessible AI image generator that allows users to create whatever they want, including weird images. Ring of Elden crossings. With a common strategy of inserting memes into random forms of media, it was only a matter of time before a figure like Giga Chad made its way to Ring of Elden.

For those unfamiliar with the Giga Chad meme, it’s a continuation of the trend where an overly attractive man is dubbed a Chad – a name the internet picked up because he’s considered snobby and elitist. While many real-life and media personalities have been dubbed Chads online, the Giga Chad is a special case. The Giga Chad quickly went viral due to the lack of realism of the man’s body and facial features, with the exaggerated jawline and chin being some of the most notable features.


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While in reality the Giga Chad meme is just a heavily edited photo of a model named Ernest Khalimov, it has spread to every corner of the internet and will likely never completely die. Not only have players made Giga Chads in Ring of Eldeneven keeping the gray skin from the images, but now Reddit user GrimsideB has shared AI-generated information Ring of Elden art featuring the character. Specifically, Giga Chad is seen inheriting the Frenzied Flame, something many will have done to get the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending.

While the first image begins by placing the Giga Chad next to a Terni, the two subjects are fully combined in the rest of the images. The AI-generated photos see Giga Chad place his hand in the fire and stand proudly as the flames rage behind him. One image even shows the fiery Giga Chad in battle, with the one thing they all have in common being Giga Chad’s impressive physique. With all the images readable, it’s no surprise that GrimsideB was shocked at how the AI ​​recognized the command.

Although there were other strong results, such as Ring of Elden golf, it is random that DALL-E Mini provides good results. A few reviewers say they get random, unspecific images when inserting their prompts, explaining why the Frenzied Flame Giga Chad results were so good. The middle image in particular has proven popular with commenters, and the post itself has more than 200 upvotes so far.

Of Ring of Elden from chariot races to player-created battles between Malenia and other bosses, there are plenty of community trends to try and recreate through DALL-E Mini. As this range of images shows, however, bringing hit internet memes to Lands Between can be just as fun.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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