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Akhilesh calls out PM’s jibe linking ‘cycle’ to terrorism insult to nation

LUCKNOW Samajwadi party leader Akhilesh Yadav has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s jibe linking his party’s election symbol ‘cycle’ to the bicycles used in the 2008 Ahmedabad bombing an insult to the nation .

On Monday, Yadav tweeted two photos. One concerned a news article saying that “How about Prime Minister Modi’s comment that links the cycle to bomb blasts?”. The second image is a screenshot of a tweet in which Prime Minister Modi is seen saddled on a bicycle with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte next to him. It read: “Thank you @MinPres @markrutte for the bike”.

During a public meeting in Hardoi on Sunday, Modi said: “Serial explosions rocked Ahmedabad in 2008 when I was Chief Minister of Gujarat. I can’t forget this day. As those who lost family members mourned, I made a pledge on bloodsoaked ground that my government would punish the perpetrators of this despicable act, even if it meant finding them from the afterlife. .

“The bomb explosions in Gujarat happened twice – the first simultaneous bomb explosions took place at 50 or 60 locations. Then, when the wounded from these explosions were brought to the hospital, another bomb blast rocked the hospital, killing more. Initially, all the bombs were placed on a cycle, the electoral symbol of the Samajwadi party. I wonder why they chose the cycle to place the bombs,” Modi said.

Yadav and several PS leaders attacked the prime minister over the “bicycle” reference.

The SP leader framed his cycling comment in a Hindi verse.

“The cycle connects farmers to their fields, lays the foundation for their prosperity… our cycle; break down social barriers, he takes our daughters to school… our cycle; forward races, isolated by inflation…our bike; the bicycle is the plane of the common man and the pride of rural India…An insult to the bicycle is an insult to the entire nation,” read Yadav’s tweet on Sunday.