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Aryav Showcases Air and Water Generator Products at Plumbex India Exhibition

May 17, 2022 12:20 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]May 17 (ANI/GPRC): Aryav AWG, a subsidiary of Aryav develops Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG), showcases its Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) products at an event organized by Plumbex India, the largest stand-alone exhibition on plumbing, water and sanitation products.
The three-day event was organized under the umbrella of AMRUT 2.0 and SBM 2.0 for start-ups working for water innovation and Swachh Bharat Mission at Hall No. 2, Pragati Maidan , New Delhi. At the event, deliberations on 24/7 water supply under AMRUT 2.0, water saving plumbing products and water improvement in India with expert speakers from Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Bureau of Indian Standards and NAREDCO MAHI attended and shared their views in the exhibition. .
Aryav AWG, which works on water innovation, was also invited by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to showcase its product at the event.
Participant in the innovation, Sanjay Kumar Garg, one of the founders of Aryav, presented the Aryav Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) – a high-tech water supply machine that provides drinking water of the highest quality. high quality by harvesting water from the humidity in the air.
The atmospheric water generator is designed for multiple applications, home, office, hotel, airport, school, boat, shopping mall, station, cinema, hospital, library, etc.
The innovation is adapted to equatorial and tropical regions. Aryav absorbs moisture from the air, purifies it and provides water to its users. The machines are available in different sizes ranging from 100 liter to 10,000 liter machines for community housing and industrial use.
Aryav AWG works on condensation and refrigeration processes. First, the air is sucked in by the fan, which passes through the heat exchanger and then the compressor. Then the water droplets are collected in the lower tank which then goes through the multi-stage filtration process and collected in the upper tank which is further UV filtered. From the upper tank you can dispense pure, clean and alkaline mineral water.
“We are looking forward to the Plumbex India show, where we can connect and listen to partners and potential partners from across India and begin our exciting journey to bring our established products to new markets across India,” said said Sanjay Kumar Garg.

“The event gives us an exclusive and cohesive platform to connect, interact and unlock new business opportunities as well as bridge existing gaps,” he added.
He mentioned, “AryavEcofriendly Resources Pvt Ltd is the pioneering Indian company with experience of over 15 years in environmental innovative products has developed atmospheric water generator which can be the panacea to our water scarcity problems.
Aryav’s products are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius with a humidity factor of 30-80%, making it a viable model to deploy in coastal and hilly areas, especially especially in tropical states which are rich in atmospheric humidity.
The company produces industrial-sized AWGs with capacities ranging from 100 liters per day to 5,000 liters per day. They also manufacture a small generator with a capacity of 16 litres/day and 30 litres/day ideal for residential buildings, private homes and more.
Aryav developed this product and has it validated by IIM Kashipur. The technology has also been patented in India and the brand name has also been registered.
Connecting Digitally, an IPA initiative to digitally connect with everyone in the plumbing industry. Plumbex India is an exclusive and free service for IPA members to bring the entire construction industry into one online platform to interact and create business opportunities for all. It features the latest plumbing products, plumbing design services, plumbing installation services and other related services for the convenience of building industry professionals – buyers and end users.
About: An Indian company with an experience of over 15 years in innovative products for the environment. This company is active in the field of solar power plants, solar water heating systems and also in waste management where we convert used tires into pyrolysis oil. We also offer one of the most innovative products, the Atmospheric Water Generator, which will convert air into water. Many areas are short of water today, but there is enough water in the air to quench our thirst, if only we know how to tap that source. We have the solution, technology and techniques that are commercially viable and applicable in various scenarios and contexts around the world.
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