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Best Solar Generator Prime Day Deals for 2022

Just because Prime Day is an Amazon event doesn’t mean Amazon is the only place you can find Prime Day deals or solar generator deals. In fact, Prime has inspired countless other retailers to run their best deals of the season at the same time, which is why some of the best solar generator deals we’ve seen all year are also happening right now. The biggest names in solar power are competing with Amazon for your business during Prime Day, so keep reading to find out about all the Prime Day deals on solar generators going down today.

EcoFlow DELTA+ 110W Solar Panel – $1,299, was $1,798

Why buy

  • Recharges up to 80% in one hour
  • Six AC outlets
  • Powers up to 13 devices simultaneously
  • Solar power is portable and durable

Whether you plan to stay charged on the go or prepare for whatever may come your way while you’re at home, EcoFlow has you covered. Solar powered generators are an environmentally friendly and reliable source of energy that can easily accompany you anywhere, from the great outdoors to your own living room. The EcoFlow DELTA+ 110W Solar Panel helps you take prep to the next level, wherever you go.

The EcoFlow DELTA Power Station is at the forefront of battery-powered generator technology and is compatible with a wide range of devices. You’ll be able to stay fully powered whenever and wherever you go. The EcoFlow DELTA Power Station is capable of recharging from 0-80%, depending on the power source you choose, in one hour. That said, the fastest way to charge it is solar or your car. It has six mains sockets for a total capacity of 1800W and 1260Wh. Even better, it can power up to 13 different devices at the same time. This thing is really, really powerful!

The EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel Charger keeps you completely off the grid. Made from incredibly efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, the solar panel charger can charge your DELTA as well as your electrical devices, and it will keep your devices running when you connect them to the portable power station. The EcoFlow 110W is compatible with most generators, and it’s portable and foldable with an easy-to-use kickstand panel. Best of all, it’s incredibly durable and waterproof.

The combination of EcoFlow DELTA Power Station and EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel Charger is ideal for many situations including power outages, outdoor excursions and professional work. Power anything from a basic light bulb to a CPAP machine to a hair dryer at home, or charge your off-grid phone, laptop or camera. You can also power an air fryer, electric grill, circular saw…if it’s powered, then EcoFlow is ready to give you the jolt you need.

OUPES 1200W Solar Generator – $1,105, was $1,500

1200W generator on white background.

Why buy

  • Provides over 2,500 life cycles
  • Three AC outlets
  • Recharges entirely by solar panels in eight hours
  • Large 4.5 inch LCD screen

If you’re looking to move off the grid, whether for the short term or for years to come, Oupes makes some of the best outdoor power equipment your money can buy. Oupes manufactures several different models of solar generators, depending on your needs, then the Oupes 1200W Solar Generator is a great place to start.

The Oupes 1200W Solar Generator has, as the name suggests, 1200W of continuous output and is ready to meet all your portable power needs and has been built to withstand both outdoor and home adventures. It has a LiFePO4 battery, which provides a lifespan of more than 2,500 cycles, which is six times that of standard lithium batteries. It has three pure sine wave AC outlets offering 1200W of operating power, as well as two USB 3.0 outlets. it was designed to charge all the things that matter most, like CPAP machines, phones, lights, and mini-fridges.

The 1200W solar generator has MPPT technology, which ensures the Oupes Solar 1200 has a higher PV recharge rate. You can also charge it via the wall outlet or your car. Best of all, it operates without any annoying noises and requires no fuel or gasoline. You can set up yours in less than 30 seconds and it’ll be immediately ready to deliver eco-friendly power in any situation. It can power up to 10 devices at the same time and has a beautiful 4.5 inch LCD screen, which displays input/output power so you can easily see how much power you’ve used as well. than the amount that remains, even in darkness.

Not only can the Oupes 1200W power up all your devices, but in no time it could even provide a viable backup for your electric vehicle. Oupes solar panels use monocrystalline solar cell technology, which maximizes efficiency compared to other solar panels. You can recharge the entire battery in six to eight hours using solar panels, which is the most environmentally friendly way to power your gear on the go. Use exclusive code PrimeSales at checkout for 15% off.

OUPES 1800W Solar Generator – $1,800, was $2,500

1800W generator on white background.

Why buy

  • Six protection modules
  • Provides up to seven days of power
  • Recharge up to 80% by solar panels in three hours
  • Charge 10 devices simultaneously

Take everything we love about the Oupes 1200W Solar Generator and step it up a notch and that’s how you get the Oupes 1800W Solar Generator. This generator takes the definition of power to a whole new level. It delivers 1488Wh of power with 1800W continuous output, which handles even the largest portable power needs. Thanks to its LiFeP04 battery, you will get six times the life of standard lithium batteries.

The Oupes 1800W solar generator has thermal and chemical stability that improves battery safety and provides long-lasting power for outdoor activities and use in your own home. It includes six protection modules, including an industry-leading battery management system, or BMS. It offers overcharge protection, short circuit protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection and temperature control, all of which are essential to ensure that your solar generator is the one you can rely on. The worst situation you could find yourself in would be to find yourself without power and depending on a generator that shorts out or fails.

The 1800w solar generator is known for its super fast charging. It can be charged from 0-80% by four solar panels in three hours or fully charged from two AC wall outlets in four hours. It is important to keep in mind that the actual recharge time will greatly depend on temperature, weather and environment. Additionally, you should always consider basic safety precautions. When the light is low, it is strongly recommended not to use solar panels for recharging, so you must have a backup plan for sure.

No matter how the road goes, the Oupes 18ooW Solar Generator is ready to ride it with you. Best of all, you can count on Oupes to provide you with environmentally friendly energy wherever you go. Use exclusive code PrimeSales at checkout for 15% off.

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