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BLUETTI EB70 Portable Power Station Solar Generator

The BLUETTI EB70 is in the mid-range of the portable power stations I’ve reviewed, and its weight, at 9.7 kg, is heavy but not excessive. Likewise, 32 x 21.6 x 22.1cm is a decent size, and with a large carry handle on the top, it’s very easy to transport.

In this review, I looked at the turquoise version of the portable power station, but it also comes in black or blue. The turquoise color is a bit peculiar, but it makes it stand out. Helpfully, it makes locating easier when thrown in the back of the car with a selection of black bags; there is no possibility of missing it.

What I immediately liked about the BLUETTI EB70 was the simplicity of its layout. First, on the top front of the station you have the power input for solar panels or the option to charge from the mains or recharge from your car battery. Next is the clear LCD display which shows the amount of charge remaining in the battery, power input to the panel, and power drawn from any devices plugged in. Like all of these portable power generators, there’s a bright LED light that provides plenty of unfocused illumination.

As for the most important power outlets, these are divided into DC outlets and AC outlets. On the left you have a USB Type-C PD 2 rated at 100W, more than enough to directly power MacBook Pro (2019) and later. There are also two standard USB outputs (5V, 3A), a carport/cigarette lighter socket (DC 12V, 10A), and then a new one on this type of device for me, at least it’s a 12V/10A DC (5.5 x 2.1mm)

Then you have your AC outlets on the right bank. This is the standard UK type (these vary by territory) that you will find in your home and on the wall.

Other than what you see on the front of the BLUETTI EB70, the rest of the device is very simplistic. The sides of the case are vented to allow good cooling ventilation; the fans kick in during use, especially with the MacBook Pro and monitor attached, but the fans are relatively quiet even then. The back of the case is plain, as it is the bottom. At the top; you have the carrying handle and a wireless charger for your cell phone or other wireless rechargeable device.

Bluetti EB70 Review

In use, I have found this wireless charger to be extremely useful, and not just for charging my cell phone. The pad was a great place to leave the phone while filming to ensure it stayed charged. The only real problem is that everyone discovered the same thing, so there was a bit of a scramble for cargo space. As a guide, only one wireless device can be charged at a time.

Used on a day of video shooting, and I had plugged in my standard kit. This is two Rotolight Anova Pro 2 lights, a Sony FS7, a MacBook Pro (2019) and a BenQ 27″ 4K add-on on this occasion with something charging – checking the small screen showed consumption maximum power of about 200 W/h. This power consumption basically gave me about three hours and quite a bit of use actually due to the computer’s internal battery and power saving while using the device photo, I was able to see it for six hours, excluding about an hour for breaks and lunch.

In use, I really liked the BLUETTI EB70 because it was simple to use, there is nothing complicated, it’s basically like plugging into the mains. I like that all the power outlets are on the front of the power station, which makes it quick and easy to plug and take things out without going around the side or repositioning the battery to access the outlets whose you need.

Bluetti EB70 Review

Throughout the day, I was also happy with how many devices I could plug into the BLUETTI EB70 and how quiet it was even when the power consumption increased. As with other portable power stations, the maximum power draw is 1000W, so plugging in something like the Dyson Air Knife will maximize power output. Still, for most devices you’ll be using as a photographer or videographer, the BLUETTI EB70’s specs should be more than adequate.

Of course, the power station is only one part of the review installation, the other part being the SP 120 solar panels.

The solar panel consists of four concertina panels in a very neat package. When unfolded, the panel has two eyelets on one edge allowing it to be hung and secured to the side of a vehicle, wall or anything else allowing the panel to easily absorb the sun’s rays . Alternatively, on the back of the panel are 4 velcro tabs in position which can be folded down.

Bluetti EB70 Review

Once the solar panel is installed, the cables can be taken out of the zipped pocket on the back and then plugged into the front of the BLUETTI EB70. On a sunny day, I found that an almost completely discharged BLUETTI EB70 could be charged to 100% in six to eight hours, depending on the brightness of the sun, it was also important to move the panels according to the position of the sun changed day by day.

On a cloudy day, it will take about a day and a half to two days, or twelve hours to fourteen hours, of sunlight to fully charge a depleted battery.

The BLUETTI EB70 provides plenty of power, more than enough for a day’s shooting, and it lets you plug in all the devices you need, like a light camera and a laptop. Some features really stand out, like the wireless charger, but ultimately it’s just the ease of use and reliability.

Bluetti EB70 Review

I also really like the design, even though the review unit is in turquoise; having all the ports in the front of the case makes it easier and more convenient to use, especially when moving the power station around during a shoot.

Ultimately for a single person shooting small productions, the BLUETTI EB70 is a great power solution. Photographers will find the BLUETTI EB70’s capacity to be more than enough to shoot for a full day, if not longer, probably a whole week, and you’ll be able to recharge your batteries for your flash, camera, and light multiple times. without the need to plug into the wall or charge the power station.

Videographers will also benefit from the BLUETTI EB70’s capability and through two shoots it was handy to keep the batteries charged with the power station which I left charging in the car with the panels draped over the window screen.

Bluetti EB70 Review

The solar panels are very efficient and some of the best designed I have come across. Although it still takes 6-8 hours to get a full charge on a sunny day. However, I found recharging the charge throughout the day to be the best solution, and on one shot it provided power for the day and I always came home with 40% capacity .

One of the hidden technological features of the BLUETTI EB70 is the battery technology inside. The battery cell of the power station is LiFePO4, which is much safer than other alternatives. This technology also has the advantage of having a much longer lifespan than other battery technologies which will allow up to 2500 cycles at 80% capacity. That means you can basically use the battery every day for seven years.