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Case against person for social media post linking PM to helicopter crash


City police have registered a complaint against someone who allegedly linked the prime minister to the recent helicopter crash near Coonoor in which the Chief of the Defense Staff, Gen. Bipin Rawat and others, have been killed, in an article posted on social media.

Although the Indian Air Force and Police have asked the public not to post any opinions on social media based on speculation, pending investigation, a “Naan Than Kovai Bala” (I am Kovai Bala ) had posted derogatory comments about the accident. , attracting condemnation from the general public.

The person posted derogatory comments about Rawat and the crash on Facebook and also linked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who went viral, police said Thursday.

The post was condemned by various quarters, including the BJP and other Hindu groups, as well as members of the public, they said.

Based on the post, Saravanampatti city police recorded the case under three sections, including promoting enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion, race, location or ill will between different religions. against Kovai Balan, the account holder, they said.

Investigations are ongoing, police added. General Rawat, his wife Madhulika Rawat and 12 other defense personnel were killed when the Mi17V5 helicopter carrying them crashed near Coonoor on December 8.

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