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Get off the grid with Jackery’s new high capacity generator and solar panels

Jackery announced the Solo Generator 2000 Pro and SolarSaga 200W portable solar panel at an event in New York City on May 10. Both gadgets come together in a $6,199 package that can help reduce your reliance on the power grid or provide power in situations where you won’t be near a power line, like camping.

The Solo Generator 2000 Pro is an ultra-high capacity battery equipped with three AC ports, two USB-C PD ports, two USB-A ports and a 12-volt car port. According to Jackery, this selection of ports would allow you to power a portable grill for 100 minutes, fully charge a laptop 16 times, or run a projector continuously for 24 hours. Obviously, the Solo Generator 2000 Pro was designed with the needs of campers in mind.

Design-wise, the company is particularly proud of the Solo Generator 2000 Pro’s collapsible handle, which makes it easy to transport the 43-pound battery, and its relative quietness when fully charged. Some campgrounds have “quiet hours”, during which campers cannot use gas generators due to noise pollution, the Solo Generator 2000 circumvents this problem entirely.

Jackery has also taken several safety measures to prevent the Solo Generator 2000 Pro from overheating or malfunctioning. The battery has four lithium battery temperature sensors and a pair of chips that constantly monitor its performance. The company has developed its own battery management system as an added precaution.

You can recharge the Solo Generator 2000 Pro by plugging it into an AC adapter, but Jackery offers a much greener solution when you need to recharge it: the SolarSaga 200W solar panel.

True to its name, the SolarSaga 200W solar panel can generate up to 200 watts of solar power under ideal conditions. Its power output depends on the strength of the sun and the angle at which it is placed. Six of these panels can be daisy-chained and connected to the Solo Generator 2000 Pro, which can fully recharge its battery in two and a half hours under ideal conditions. For reference, the Solo Generator 2000 Pro can be recharged in two hours when plugged into a wall, so using a solar panel is almost as efficient.

Given this level of performance, you could probably use this setup to live almost entirely off-grid for a (sunny) weekend. Your experience will depend on how much you tax the Solo Generator 2000 Pro. Still, it’s conceivable that you could completely drain and recharge the Solo Generator 2000 twice in one day using six 200-watt SolarSaga solar panels.

Jackery’s Solo Generator Pro Pack helps usher in a new wave of high performance solar batteries and shows just how far the company has come since 2015 when it announced its first generation battery. Jackery added solar panels to its portfolio in 2020 and has come a long way in a relatively short time.

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The Solo Generator Pro is now available at major retailers including The Home Depot, Amazon and direct from Jackery.

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