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MCD Talks to NHAI to Link RFID and Fastag Toll Systems | Latest Delhi News

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has restarted work to integrate the civic body’s RFID toll system infrastructure with the national Fastag toll scheme. A senior city official said a joint meeting has been convened with the National Highways Authority of India next week to set the timetable for the project.

“A pilot project will be carried out at the Badarpur border by integrating the two toll systems. If the project is successful, similar integration will be carried out at other border points,” the official said.

Delhi has 124 border entry points where the toll tax is collected by the MCD. Of these 124 border points, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system has been installed at 13 major points which are used by nearly 80-85% of commercial vehicle traffic entering the city. “Handheld devices have been provided at all other border points to facilitate RFID-based collection,” an official said. The project, which was previously controlled by the former EPCA, now falls under the jurisdiction of the NCR Air Quality Management Commission.

The idea of ​​integrating RFID and the national Fastag system was first mooted in September last year. The civic body argued that such integration will help cut costs for commercial vehicle operators who need to purchase a separate chip to enter Delhi.

“There are two Toll Booths of Municipal Corporation and National Highway Authority of India at Badarpur located just 60-70m apart, resulting in traffic jams and queues,” the manager said. Badarpur, Rajokri and DND border entry points are one of the largest in terms of commercial vehicle volume. The manager added that the integration will cost 1-1.5 crore for a border point.

A second city official, however, added that there were several challenges. “NHAI charges the same amount for empty and full trucks, but the MCD system differentiates between the two. Similarly, if it is a small empty utility vehicle, the environmental compensation fee is 700, but if it is carrying cargo, the load is 1,400. Similarly, the tax for large commercial vehicles such as trucks 1300 empty and 2,600 when loaded. We also do not charge ECC to trucks carrying essential goods,” he added.