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Midnight Ghost Hunt is a hilarious hijink generator

Midnight Ghost Hunt has a premise that will be familiar to anyone who has ever watched Ghostbusters or played Phasmophobia. A haunted place is teeming with spooky ghosts, and someone has hired a ragtag crew of ghost hunters to find them, destroy them, and then suck out their souls using various options.

However, players don’t just play the role of Ghostbusters. They also get a ride as the ghosts Midnight Ghost Hunt4v4 matches. Ghosts and hunters must work as a team and try to help their allies.

After spending time in the Midnight Ghost Hunt beta, I absolutely fell in love with the game because it’s a hijink generator. The ghosts in Midnight Ghost Hunt are incredibly vulnerable and must hide in one of the many cluttered props around the game’s dense maps. everyday object, or go out and use their ghostly powers for a dramatic escape.

Image: Vaulted Sky Games/Coffee Stain Publishing

Sometimes I start out as a ghost hunter, wielding wacky gadgets or powerful plasma weapons. Other times I start out as the ghost, and I get really scared and hide in a vase. After each round, the teams swap, so it’s easy to hang out with the living and the dead. A full match, with one turn as hunter and ghost, takes about 15 minutes.

In some rounds, I hid in armor, which was large and visible but had the advantage of being armed with a sword that I could awkwardly swing. Another time, I haunted a model planet from a museum and frantically rolled through hallways to escape angry ghost hunters, placing spectral traps around towering bear statues and wooden ducks to slow down. the pursuers.

While the ghost team starts the match on the wrong foot, things change at the stroke of midnight. That’s when the power of the moon makes the ghosts much more deadly, turning the tables. Ghostbusters are now the hunted, and they must survive by fleeing or battling overwhelming odds.

In exchange for their weaker early game, ghosts can have fun selecting abilities to confuse hunters and manipulate the battlefield. Hunters, on the other hand, come with a range of weapons and gadgets, and it’s fun to experiment with different loadouts and try out the pros and cons.

A salt-loaded shotgun and grappling hook allowed me to swing wildly across the map, hurling tons of ghost buckshot at my enemies, while a sniper rifle and ghost tracker made more sense for a cautious and tactical player. The sledgehammer is fantastic for destroying props and scaring away ghosts early in the game, but if the timer hits midnight they don’t do much against fully powered phantasms. I can trade my tools mid-match at a Supply Point, but it’s still risky to ignore the ghosts around you, even if you think you’re safe.

Midnight Ghost Hunt - a furious ghost shoots down an unlucky ghost hunter

Image: Vaulted Sky Games/Coffee Stain Publishing

The key for Midnight Ghost HuntThe success of is that there is a ton of strategy in the game, and it is a joy to find the best tactics and learn how to counter your enemies. But the skill floor is very low. It only took a few laps to find some good strategies, and I could still tell there was room for improvement. Finding the best hideouts on a specific map, figuring out which weapons work best, and choosing my ghost power loadout are fun challenges that feel organic to complete while replaying – I never felt like I had to run to a fan wiki or search on the strats on YouTube.

There’s something refreshing about a game that’s mostly hijink-based, but provides enough direction to keep things challenging and competitive. Midnight Ghost Hunt has the same frantic energy as the old days of Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode, with a healthy dose of silliness. It takes a deft hand to weave a balance between strategy and shenanigans so well, but developer Vaulted Sky Games pulls it off. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but the fundamentals are all there and, well, fun.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is currently in beta on weekends until January 30; players can request access on the game’s Steam page.