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MP’s government plans legal action against Digvijaya over tweet linking mosque to Khargone violence

The Madhya Pradesh government on Tuesday accused Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh of plotting a ‘conspiracy to spread religious frenzy’ in the state, and said it was considering legal action against him over a tweet in which he sought to link a mosque in another state to violence in the MP’s town of Khargone during a Ram Navami procession. In the morning, Singh posted in a tweet a photo showing young people hoisting a saffron flag in a mosque while mentioning the violence of Khargone. He then deleted the tweet. On Tuesday, Singh also raised questions about the Khargone administration in connection with the violence there, while tagging a video of BJP leader Kapil Mishra in which he was seen urging Hindus to protect their identities while referring to the Hindi film ”The Kashmir Files”, which is based on the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir Valley.

A curfew was imposed across the town of Khargone on Sunday evening after rock-throwing during a Ram Navami procession earlier in the day sparked an arson attack.

“Digvijaya Singhji wants to fuel community tensions by sowing confusion. The image of hoisting the flag in a mosque does not come from Madhya Pradesh. Opinions are being gathered from legal experts regarding the steps to be taken in this case,” Deputy Home Minister Narottam Mishra told reporters. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also took to the microblogging site, saying, “Digvijaya Singh tweeted a photo of youths hoisting the saffron flag in a religious place, which is not Madhya Pradesh. This tweet by Digvijay Singh is a plot to spread religious frenzy in the state and a plot to throw the state into the heat of rioting which will not be tolerated. Earlier today, Singh with the photo on his Twitter handle said, “Is it appropriate to put a flag on a religious place while holding swords and staves? Did the Khargone administration authorize an armed procession? Will the bulldozers crush the houses of anyone who throws stones, regardless of religion? Remember Shivraj ji, you have taken an oath to rule the government fairly. After that, some BJP leaders including Bhopal MP Rameshwar Sharma asked about the photo Singh posted. Some social media users claimed that the photo posted by Singh was from Muzaffarpur in Bihar. Following strong reactions from social media users, Singh deleted the tweet. He has yet to respond to comments from the state government about taking legal action in relation to his position. Singh on Monday accused the Khargone administration and police of committing violence during the Ram Navami festival. He also sought to link BJP leader Kapil Mishra to the communal riots and referred to the latter’s presence in Khargone. However, Mishra had said “jihadists” were responsible for the stone throwing and arson attacks in Khargone.

In a new tweet on Tuesday, Singh tagged a video of Mishra and said, “Haven’t the Khargone administration and the police heard this speech? Doesn’t this kind of talk incite the public on the basis of religion? This is a speech from a place in Khargone and where else did Kapil Mishra speak? Didn’t the Khargone administration and the police know about this? In the video, Mishra was seen telling a rally that “we should have no identity other than Hindu. If they are talking about non-Hindu identity, then understand they are talking about caste, they are creating division between us and preparing to create your “Kashmir dossier”. ‘Kashmir Files’ today so they should be ready for ”Delhi Files, Bengal Files, Kerala Files, Bhopal Files, etc”.

“So it is important today to understand that what happened in Kashmir should not happen in our locality, it should not happen in our region,” he said.

Claiming that some people shouted slogans in favor of the terrorists including Burhan Wani at a religious place in Srinagar, Mishra said: “I want to tell them from the land of Khargone that the house from which Burhan will come out, we will enter house and kill (him)”.

Mishra allegedly delivered a hate speech in February 2020 during a rally against anti-CAA protesters in Delhi. Northeast Delhi witnessed communal riots in February of the same year in which at least 53 people lost their lives and over 700 were injured.

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