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NIA investigates extortion case linking PLFI to Jharkhand


New Delhi, November 7 The National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted searches of two of the defendants’ premises in connection with an extortion case by the banned organization Front for the Liberation of the Indian People (PLFI) in the Jharkhand.

On Saturday, the NIA carried out searches of the premises of defendants who were associates of gangsters Sujit Sinha and Aman Sahu Gang in Bundu village in Hazaribagh district, the investigative agency said.

The case was registered by the NIA on March 4 this year as part of a plot and commission of terrorist acts for extortion and disruption of government activities at the Tetariyakhad Coal Mine in Latehar.

The defendants destroyed five vehicles at the Tetariyakhad mine on December 18, 2020, injuring four civilians.

The searches carried out on Saturday in the living quarters of the arrested and fleeing defendants made it possible to recover digital devices and other incriminated documents, which were seized.

According to the NIA, the gangsters Sinha and Sahu had conspired with the notorious gangster Shahrukh and another accused Pradeep Ganjhu as well as several members of the terrorist groups TPC and PLFI to commit murders, extortion and generate funds for the expansion of their criminal and terrorist activities in the state.

“The terrorist gang has procured sophisticated automatic weapons, including the AK-47, to carry out targeted assassinations and spread terror in the coal transport areas,” the investigative agency said.

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