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No evidence found linking Omicron cases to COP26 conference in Glasgow

A report has revealed that no evidence has been uncovered linking the Omicron coronavirus cases to the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) found that transmission was lower at the UN conference than in the wider community.

According to PHS, in the period between October 31 and November 13, during which the conference took place, about two in 1,000 people affiliated with the summit tested positive for covid.

While in the general population, between 11 and 12 in every 1,000 people have contracted the deadly virus.

There have been 353 cases of people infected with the virus attending COP-related events while infectious, according to the report.

Covid cases in Scotland rose during the conference, but these were mainly children aged between five and 11.

The rate in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, where the conference took place, was the lowest in the country.

The report stated: “Data available for PHS from enhanced and routine Covid-19 surveillance does not indicate a direct contribution of COP26 to the increase in Covid-19 infections nationwide during the summit and there is no evidence of a link between the Omicron cases and COP26.

“With infections falling in the two weeks following the end of the summit, it is likely that COP26 had little impact on the epidemiology of Covid-19 in Scotland.”

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