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Not Just Another NFT Profile Picture – But A Passive Income Generator

Disclaimer: The text below is a publicity article that was not written by reporters.

Presentation of the Buy-to-Earn concept

It’s no secret that most Blockchain Avalanche NFTs usually come with royalties and AvaSharks are no exception. However, we have chosen to do things a little differently by introducing the concept of buy-to-earn or “B2E”. It means exactly what it sounds like – all you have to do to win is buy and keep a Shark NFT.

No staking, no filing, and most importantly, no redundant tasks (like dialing, leveling, rinsing, and repeating). It’s that simple – hit a Shark and you’ll earn a percentage of secondary market sales royalties for as long as you hold the Shark NFT in your wallet. It doesn’t stop there as you will also earn a percentage of all fees generated by the Gate to Atlantis — the future home of our gaming platform.

Wait, so no bet? It’s so simple? Yes, but probably nothing.

The ever-popular “Stake-to-earn” has become a powerful trend in the DeFi space, featured in more and more NFT projects. While everyone is chasing the latest trend, AvaSharks are taking passive income in a totally different direction with the B2E concept. We take a proven royalty rewards system and put our AvaSharks spin on it.

B2E made possible with Atlantis Gate

Our collection of 10,000 fully rigged anthropomorphic 3D Shark NFTs will live on Atlantis Gate, the first-ever Avalanche blockchain betting platform.

Gate to Atlantis is the bread and butter of the AvaSharks ecosystem. We all know how popular AND lucrative online betting is, however, Avalanche has yet to see the launch of a blockchain betting and gaming platform. Atlantis Gate will be the first of its kind on Avalanche.

With Avasharks, the time has come

Our mission is to transform Gate to Atlantis into a “one-stop-shop” gaming platform that will put Avalanche on the map as the destination of choice in the blockchain betting industry.

The platform’s humble beginnings will begin with the coin toss game where players gather to bet against each other.

As we expand our team and our revenue streams, we will eventually add all sorts of unique and fun games and betting platforms such as Shark Races, Roulette, Slots and more.

revenue sharing scheme

First three months of operation:

100% of project revenue will be distributed equally to all AvaShark holders each month for three monthsmeaning that AvaShark holders will enjoy passive income as long as they hold the NFT.

After the first three months

After approximately 90 days, revenue shares will be reduced to a more sustainable level, as shown below.

After-sales sales

2.5% royalty will go to shark owners and 2.5% will go to the Aquarium.

Lottery tickets

Each quarter, a percentage of the bank’s vault will be distributed to shark holders and ticket holders in the form of a lottery. Lottery ticket holders will be an additional source of revenue. Scarcity will affect the distribution of lottery tickets, which is detailed in our whitepaper.

Typing details

Don’t miss your chance to be an early supporter of AvaSharks and the Atlantis Gate gaming platform. All holders immediately start earning passive income (weekly airdrop) and will receive a Gen2 AvaShark airdrop at a rate of 1:1 – once the second generation is released.

After our Mint closes on February 26 at 21:00 UTC, all remaining sharks will be burned forever. All burned AvaShark NFTs will be removed from the lottery, increasing the chances of the shark-holding community to win the quarterly lottery events!

To find out more, follow us on Twitterto visit our websiteor come say hello to our discord!