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OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator lets you edit human faces again!

OpenAI’s DALL-E is easily one of the most popular AI image generators online. Its editing capabilities can outshine the competition in almost every aspect, and now things are about to get even more interesting. Once considered a privacy hazard, DALL-E’s useful ability to edit human faces is now an official feature. But should we worry or be happy? Let’s find out.

Edit photos with faces using DALL-E

OpenAI announced in an official newsletter to all its users that “you can now upload and edit photos with faces with DALL·E.In the same newsletter, they claimed that the feature was highly requested by users for purposes such as changing outfits, editing background scenes, etc. But they had kept it off limits for prevent misuse of AI capabilities.

Now OpenAI claims that “With improvements to our security system, DALL·E is now ready”, to support human face editing. They backed up the claim by saying they had a more robust set of filters in place to prevent any attempt to generate sexual, political and violent content.

Moreover, they also claimed that their policy prevents their users from uploading anyone’s images without their consent. We tried to test the claim by using random celebrity names to generate images with their faces and the filters prevented the action. However, this policy, at this time, does not appear to have a system in place to prevent users from uploading photos with faces of people who have not consented to use.

How to use SLAB edit human faces

If you want to use DALL-E to edit human faces and images with faces, you can either enter a prompt to generate a face or simply upload an image with a face. After uploading an image, you can ask DALL-E to create its variants. Using this option makes it seem like you are seeing variants of yourself from the Multiverse. But some may be weirder than others.

Here are the DALL-E variants created from an AI-generated face (also created by DALL-E):

Face variants Created by DALL-E

To test the capabilities of DALL-E, I also uploaded my own image with my eyes covered. Then, instead of creating variations, I asked DALL-E to modify my face and clothes. The results were surprisingly reliable.

Using DALL-E to Edit Faces

What I tested is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DALL-E’s true capabilities. If you have access to this AI tool, you can try pushing it to the next level. Meanwhile, others can request its access on the official OpenAI website. That said, do you think giving AI the ability to edit photos with faces is the right move? Or are you concerned about your privacy? Tell us in the comments below!