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Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Where to Find the Link Cord

Pokemon Legends: Arceus greatly revolutionizes the usual mainline formula Pokemon games, and it does this by adding new features, but also removing some old ones, no matter how often they’ve been used in the franchise. Pokemon Legends: Arceus doesn’t feature held items, abilities, and breeding, for example, but items are still in the game – including several new ones. One of them is the connecting cord, one of the best additions to the game, but also quite difficult to find. Still, this quick guide explains how to get it and where.


Where to find the connecting cord

Pokemon Legends: Arceus offers multiple ways to obtain all of its items, which is very useful for players who may struggle with a specific method, and it also increases replayability. As for the Link Cord, this item is used to evolve trade-exclusive Pokémon, like evolving Haunter into Gengar or Kadabra into Alakazam, all entirely solo.

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Players who want to get their hands on a link cord in Pokemon Legends: Arceus currently have four options to get the item, one being a single mission and the other being repeatable methods. The most obvious is to get enough Merit Points by collecting Saddlebags from the Overworld, then head to Simona’s Shop in Jubilife Village, where she sells a Binding Cord for 1000 MP.

simona merit point store pokemon legends arceus

It’s not the fastest method, and that’s why it’s important that there are more. Pokemon Legends: Arceus players can sometimes obtain a Cordon by shaking ores in the overworld, which normally feature a Geodude or Graveler encounter.

Another method is to look for areas of space-time distortion, which appear from time to time in each main area. In fact, Link Cords can be found as a random item on the ground alongside the usual blue, red, and green shards and other evolution items, like upgrades. All non-Shard objects will have a round shape, and they’re easier to spot, but space-time warp areas can be quite choppy, and players should try to look on the ground and over small hills for cord link.

pokemon legends arceus where how to get spacetime warp zone cord evolution item

Finally, players are guaranteed to get a Binding Cord by completing Request 64: Getting to Know Ghosts, which is unlocked after suppressing the third Noble Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ scenario. This occurs at the end of the Cobalt Coastlands story, so players will get their link cord relatively early in the game, even if they are unlucky with the other methods.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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