Link building

Proven SEO Link Building Methods That Boost Your Organic Traffic 3x in a Short Time

Inbound links to a website are often the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO). Understanding ways to implement high quality links is essential for business growth. Below is a list of ways to establish effective SEO link building.

SEO was a new concept that relied heavily on the use of keywords in page content.

Using keywords was the best way to rank pages without using fancy search engines.

It was simple: the more keyword phrases there were on a page, the more likely it was to be the actual purpose of the page.

SEO professionals at the time took advantage of this and overused keywords to rank higher.

This technique is also known as keyword stuffing.

Sites can rank for keyword phrases even if they don’t have a lot of information on a particular topic.

It was necessary to find a new way to evaluate websites on their rank and what is not. This should not be limited to content analysis.

Building good relationships

Building a good relationship with the target audience is the first approach to creating good links. Share and comment on relevant information with the different team members in the discussion group.

Build relationships slowly and steadily with various brands and get started for backlinks. Actively participating in multiple groups helps a person get the required backlinks. It helps to keep an individual updated with current industry trends.

Give product testimonials

Various companies offer other brands to give testimonials and reviews regarding their products. It’s usually a great way to maintain customer trust in businesses, which helps promote a product. When the company positions the testimonial on their website, a person will get new backlinks. Traffic from the potential site usually has higher than usual approval ratings.

Publish articles and blogs regularly

Posting more often is a proven strategy that helps gain consistent engagement. Focus on customer needs and the industry as a whole when writing blogs. Ensure that the content is well structured, relevant and corresponds to the needs of the customers. Once the audience starts relating to the content, you will gain viable backlinks in the future.

Guest posts

Guest posts are the oldest but most effective approach to building backlinks. Some sites allow people to guest post their posts and get a link from the website.

Below is a list of things to consider before posting a guest post.

  • Quality is essential: write the article well
  • Never brag about your business in the article
  • Website details should be relevant to the post

Influencer Marketing

The use of social media influencers to market various brands is steadily gaining momentum. Ask a blogger or celebrity to promote your content or page to reach a wider audience. The approach helps ensure viable means on how to buy backlinks from authentic sources.

Consider interviewing social media influencers to share relevant information with customers. Post the interview on the website and ask the influencer to do the same to gain valuable backlinks.

Create an infographic

People often find visual information more appealing. A successful online marketing campaign consists of information in graphical form or written form because it captures the attention of a wider audience. Infographic marketing, however, requires a lot of thought to ensure the image remains relevant to your campaign. It’s often a win-win situation for the companies involved if done correctly.

Add an embed code at the bottom when uploading such an infographic to make it easier for customers to locate your website.

Repository Content Asset Strategy

Manual outreach helps promote content assets and secure relevant backlinks to a website. However, another approach comes in handy when acquiring new links and includes passive methods for obtaining referral keywords.

People typically use referral keywords when looking for resources to cite in their content. These phrases include statistics, templates, and tools, and creating content that will then be referenced by content creators and publishers gives a person the benefits of passive link building.

Convert mentions to backlinks

The approach is the easiest and most effective way to get backlinks. Since various sites can write about you, it is essential to establish them with the help of practical tools. Establish sites that may have mentioned the company but have not yet offered a link.

Find the mentions and contact a webmaster, and request a conversion of the brand mention into a backlink.


Customers generally like to get involved in the marketing process. Design a quiz to facilitate the process and secure many shares. Consider adding an embed code to the quiz. It helps you secure viable backlinks when the target audience shares the quiz. Make sure the review is relevant and enjoyable.


Podcasting is one of the practical approaches to securing backlinks. Start with podcasts and include various podcasting channels. Add a link to the transcript and the website to help get viable backlinks.

giveaway contest

Giveaway contests have gained traction as they offer tremendous engagement and response. Consider running such contests by collaborating with social media influencers to secure lots of backlinks. Consider reaching out to bloggers and social media influencers to market your brand. Contacting them allows you to think about opportunities for collaboration that help build a long-term brand.