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Rylo Homes provides advice on selling properties in Lexington KY before foreclosure

“House in Lexington sold before lockdown”

Foreclosure of your home negatively affects your finances. Offset some of your debt by selling your property in Lexington, KY pre-foreclosure using these simple tips.

As a homeowner, foreclosure is something you never want to experience. While no one wants to admit the reality of a foreclosure, it’s best to face it head-on so you know what to do to minimize its effect on your finances.

What is foreclosure?

Taking possession and selling the mortgaged property is how a lender legally tries to collect the money owed on a delinquent loan. Usually, a borrower goes into default when they fall behind on a pre-determined amount of payments each month, but it is also possible when they violate other terms outlined in the mortgage instrument.

If you find yourself in foreclosure, before trying all of the foreclosure remedies available to you in Lexington, KY, you can try negotiating with your lenders first. Call your lender immediately to discuss your alternatives, which may include a loan modification, forbearance or short sale, if you are in danger of foreclosure. If all else fails, you can always sell your home in Lexington, KY fast before lockdown.

If you catch yourself thinking, “How can I sell my home in foreclosure in lexington, kyyou are on the right page. At Rylo Homes, we share some valuable tips on what you can do with your property in Lexington, KY when it is at risk of foreclosure.

You should contact your lender as soon as you realize that you need more time to catch up on your late payments. The last thing you want is to leave your lender out of the discussion when you start falling behind on your mortgage. Many lenders are actually more than willing to work with their customers to find a solution to foreclosures. This is because they would rather receive a refund of their debt than none at all. Ask your lender if they’re willing to make changes to your loan when you talk to them.

You may not be able to make your mortgage payments on time due to a short-term financial problem, such as a medical emergency or sudden, unexpected loss of income. Your lender might agree to help you by offering you a forbearance if they think you have a good explanation for the missed payments. Your lender may agree to a repayment plan that temporarily reduces your payments or even suspends them for a predetermined period, depending on your financial situation. However, you must assure your lender that you will strictly adhere to the new repayment schedule, otherwise they may not agree.

You can refinance or extend the term of your mortgage debt by modifying the loan. Depending on your financial situation, the lender may accept monthly mortgage payments. To qualify for this option, you must convince your lender that your financial problems will soon be resolved. The lender may require a lump sum up front or agree on a monthly installment for the difference if there is a deferral plan agreement that places the full or partial amount in arrears at the conclusion of the loan.

When a homeowner sells their home but owes more than it’s worth, it’s called a short sale. However, you must obtain your lender’s consent before executing a short sale. Although a short sale can give you the money you need to pay off your debts, you should exercise caution. For many borrowers, short sales are unfavorable because they can hurt their credit score.

Selling your home to an experienced home buyer is another option you may want to consider. Cash home buyers are ready to buy properties in any condition, even foreclosure. You can receive a reasonable cash offer from a cash homebuyer in as little as 72 hours when you sell your home to them, giving you the funds you need to pay off your debt. Additionally, Kentucky foreclosure rules provide that you have the right to keep any additional money from sales after your loan has been paid off.

If you want sell your home in foreclosure in Lexington, KY, for the least effort, selling to a cash home buyer in Lexington, KY is your most reasonable option. Rylo Houses buys homes in Lexington, KY no matter what state or location they are in, so you know you won’t have to spend on renovations or repairs to make your home more marketable. We are direct buyers and pay cash to arrange a quick closing. For more information on our home buying process, call us at (502) 317-8553 today.

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