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Skywalk connecting New Delhi rly stn, metro station will be open soon

A dedicated walkway to provide seamless connectivity between New Delhi Railway Station and the nearby metro station will soon be open to the public, officials said on Thursday.

New Delhi Metro Station is located on the yellow line of the network.

”A dedicated walkway, built by DMRC in conjunction with Northern Railway, to provide seamless connectivity between one of the busiest hubs at New Delhi Railway Station and New Delhi Metro Station on the Yellow Line and Line Airport Express is nearing completion and will soon be open to the public,’ DMRC said in a statement.

This newly constructed walkway is an extension of the Pedestrian Bridge (FOB) inside the station and connects the Ajmeri Gate side of the station to the New Delhi Metro stations of the Yellow Line and the Airport Line, including including the multi-level car park side, through Bhavbhuti Marg via multiple entry and exit points, officials said.

The completion works of the footbridge were inspected by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Managing Director Mangu Singh on Thursday in the presence of senior officials.

Apart from providing seamless connectivity, the gateway will also help streamline traffic flow on the Ajmeri Gate side of the station, they said.

“The walkway has been equipped with six escalators as well as facilities such as CCTV surveillance cameras, restrooms, a ticket counter, signage and an autonomous DMX-controlled lighting system,” he said. declared.

The beautifully designed walkway features an integrated escalator and stairs, reminiscent of Jantar Mantar, including Agra stone cladding. The main deck and arms branching out to the entrance or exits, the escalators and the underground line are about 242m long, according to the release.

Building this unique gateway in a hub experiencing heavy traffic has been a major technical challenge, including disruptions posed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, officials said.

The structure was to be built above a functioning underground metro station just 3m below with heavy traffic on Bhavbhuti Marg. Additionally, the bridge had to be connected to two pre-existing building structures at the ends, ensuring minimal inconvenience to nearby people, infrastructure and other buildings, they said.

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