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Structural Elements® Launches Network Provider(se)® Program Connecting Wellness Professionals

Structural elements® now has a career path for bodywork practitioners and fitness professionals to learn the approach and provide options to use the method in their own practice, become a therapist at one of their clinics, or even own a clinic themselves themselves.

“What impressed me most about the structural elements® this is how their network of top healthcare providers work with the primary goal… keeping patients and athletes healthy! They look at the body as a whole but also in the context of the activities in which they engage. It is a rare and particular characteristic and (se)® has ‘nailed'”, Dr. Rick Bishopa Pennsylvania chiropractor and director of the Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society.

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About Structural Elements®:

Structural elements® was founded on the idea that better orthopedic care exists and should be available everywhere. The approach has been developed over decades of experience and the structural elements®’ The method was launched in 2006 by the founder Doug Bertram. Key Structural Elements® clinic opened in Hagerstown, Maryland in 2013 and the business grew through franchising. There are now practitioners in Wisconsin, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. It is at the heart of our values ​​to bring together a family of therapists that we can mentor and from whom we can learn. Together, we can deliver truly breakthrough care to significant numbers of patients. Learn more at

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