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Taiwan denounces the link between the nation and the current situation in Ukraine

It is inappropriate to link the situation of Taiwan with that of Ukraine because the two are completely different and people should not try to manipulate the situation by saying “the Ukraine of today is the Taiwan of tomorrow”, the government said on Monday.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is being watched closely in Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory and which has faced increased military pressure from Beijing over the past two years as it tries to force Taipei to accept Chinese sovereignty.

Taiwan’s democratically elected government has repeatedly stated that the situation on the island and that of Ukraine are fundamentally different.

But Cabinet spokesman Lo Ping-cheng, in a statement at the end of a long holiday weekend, took those comments a step further to denounce fearmongers, explaining why people don’t shouldn’t believe rumours.

Taiwan is not only important geopolitically, it has a natural Taiwan Strait barrier – which separates it from China – and is a key part of the global high-tech supply chain, he said. added, referring to its major role in semiconductor manufacturing.

In all areas, the two cannot be compared,” Lo added.

“But there are those who use this opportunity to manipulate the so-called (subject) of ‘Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow’, trying to inappropriately link Ukraine’s situation to that of Taiwan, disturbing people’s morale. It is not recommended.”

Due to China’s frequent ‘ploys’ against Taiwan, the government is taking inventory of materials needed in case of war, and this month it conducted a routine annual review of air-raid shelters, but people are not should not link this to the war in Ukraine, he said.

President Tsai Ing-wen and Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang have repeatedly stressed that government ministries should step up their efforts to combat “external forces using the Ukraine-Russia conflict to wage cognitive warfare against us”, said added Lo.

Taiwan has not reported any unusual military moves by China since the start of the war, but has raised its alert level.

On Monday, Taiwan reported seven Chinese aircraft in its air defense zone but away from the island itself, part of a pattern of what the government calls China’s ‘grey zone’ war designed to exhaust Taiwanese forces by forcing them to rush regularly.

The Chinese government has also said that Ukraine and Taiwan’s issues cannot be linked because the island has always been an inalienable part of China.

Taiwan strongly contests China’s territorial claims and says only the Taiwanese people can decide their own future.

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