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The DALL-E AI image generator arrives in your applications


  • The DALL-E AI image generator can now integrate directly into your applications via the new DALL-E API.
  • Users now have full ownership of the images they create.
  • Images can now be organized into multiple collections and shared publicly or privately.

Just two months ago, DALL-E – an AI image generation tool – went from being invite-only to open to everyone. Now the company behind it is taking the next step by enabling the tool to be integrated into your applications.

If you’re not familiar with DALL-E, it’s an artificial intelligence program created by OpenAI that was trained using hundreds of millions of images pulled from the internet. Through a technique called latent diffusion, it is able to learn associations between words and images. This means you can type in a text description or a “prompt” and it will generate an image for you in whatever art style you choose.

If you’re a fan of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, you’ve probably even seen what the tool is capable of.

In the past, DALL-E had some limitations for users, such as images generated by DALL-E belonged to OpenAI, and users could only reproduce and display images if they complied with OpenAI’s content policy.

In a company update, OpenAI announced that some changes are coming to the deep learning image synthesis system. One of the first changes is that DALL-E is now available as an API, which means developers can now embed the program into their applications. They also announced that users now have full ownership of the images they create.

OpenAI says full ownership of images is now possible thanks to “enhancements to our security systems that minimize the ability to generate content that violates our content policy.”

Finally, the company revealed that users now have the ability to organize their images into multiple collections. These collections can be shared publicly or privately. You can see such a collection here.

According to OpenAI, 1.5 million people have been using DALL-E to create more than 2 million images per day since it opened its beta version to everyone.

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