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Bulletin board, a site you might never have heard of, acquired the social bookmarking site Delicious in an all-money deal for US $ 35,000.

Delicious, or, was a popular social bookmarking site when sites like Digg were the vanguard of social news sites on the Internet.

Anyone could join the site and bookmark it using various tools available. Users could vote on bookmarks, and being among the top bookmarks on any given day resulted in a good chunk of the site’s referrals to the sites listed there.

Interesting little info: Our first article on Delicious, Check your Bookmarks, dates back to 2007 and reviewed a tool that allowed Delicious users to check their bookmarks for dead links. The first mention of Delicious dates back to 2005.

The history of the site is eventful since it has been sold no less than five times since its launch on the Internet. First at Yahoo, then by Yahoo at AVOS Systems in 2011, by AVOS Systems at Science In in 2014, and by Science INC at Delicious Media in 2016. Now, for the last time at Pinboard, a subscription social bookmarking service .

The Pinboard blog post highlights why Pinboard acquired Delicious and what that means for Pinboard or Delicious members.

  • Pinboard will make the Delicious site read-only on June 15, 2017. This means that users will not be able to add, edit or delete bookmarks from the site, and the API will stop working.
  • Users will be able to access their favorites and all public favorites even after June 15.
  • Developer Pinboard plans to fix the Delicious export tool so that users of the service can use it to export their bookmarks.

All Delicious users are welcome to create a Pinboard account. Pinboard accounts are available for $ 11 per year. The service is billed as a “fast and convenient bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed”.

There are no ads or tracking on Pinboard, which should appeal to users who value privacy and don’t mind paying a few dollars a year for it.

Pinboard users can add bookmarks from any browser to their account, log into Twitter, and sync with services like Pocket or Instapaper. The service offers additional features such as full text search and dead link checking.

Now you: Do you use a bookmark creation or online synchronization service for bookmarks?


The end of the Delicious social bookmarking site

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The end of the Delicious social bookmarking site

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Pinboard, a site you may never have heard of, acquired the social bookmarking site Delicious as part of an all-money offer for US $ 35,000.


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Pinboard buys the social bookmarking site and closes it


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