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The helping hand that is Juan of a kind – Manila Bulletin

While we can be grateful and optimistic that the worst of the global COVID-19 health crisis may be over, and the light at the end of the COVID tunnel is shining; the inescapable truth is that while resilience has been a key quality for us Filipinos, the pandemic has also shown us how vulnerable we are. Forget that small demographic of recession- and inflation-resilient Filipino families who would fly to San Francisco or Paris first, before venturing to their neighborhood mall. Instead, let’s talk about the vast majority of Filipinos whose collective backs have been placed against a hard financial and economic “wall” over the past two years. They are the ones you really have to worry about.

Whether here or abroad, current economic conditions have jeopardized the dreams and goals of hard-working Filipinos. There has been a lack of job opportunities, low pay, lack of education and an increase in homelessness. The scarcity of financial resources is a harsh reality for so many of our “kababayans”. Global uncertainty and inflation, the current situation in Ukraine, the calamities that regularly strike our country – all this contributes to the reality of the difficult times and difficulties that seem to be our near future.

To our credit, before the pandemic, we Filipinos benefited from strong consumer demand, growing BPO businesses, tourism, and employment opportunities. However, that has all taken a hit in the past two years as several businesses closed and job cuts became a grim reality. Recovery is a slow process, but at least we are seeing glimmers of it, now that alert levels have dropped.

Filipino creativity and our keen sense of Bayanihan are what we can pin our hopes on; because many start small businesses, with little capital. They are also taking advantage of opportunities to start making money by engaging in direct selling, opening home food businesses, etc. There has never been a shortage of imagination and creativity, as well as ingenuity, when it comes to Filipinos.

But the other truism is that more often than not, it takes money to make money. And this is where some form of financial assistance can be both helpful and even necessary. A reliable and trusted lending partner is essential in this regard; and Juanhand, in his new and improved reincarnation, is that ideal partner. A more secure, government-compliant and digitally accessible system to better serve Filipinos and provide fast cash loans. With Juanhand, Bayanihan is the core philosophy.

The more traditional avenues for financial aid and loans do exist, but the rules and regulations, the documentation required, to take advantage of these avenues are cumbersome for many Filipinos. , and you’ll be happy to find that you only need to provide one piece of valid government-issued ID. The app will not ask for confidential information without your consent, ensuring customer peace of mind is not compromised and complies with the Data Privacy Act 2012.

With Juanhand’s payment terms available, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about overpaying your loan. JH now even has live chats to guide new customers, and approving money can only take seconds – especially useful for emergencies, like hospital bills. At JH, loans have a low daily interest rate, making it easy to secure loans and repay them within your budget.

For so many Filipinos, their next meal, their hope for a paycheck or steady paycheck, will not be satisfied by optimism alone. Hope, while precious, will not feed families or put us on the path to economic recovery. “Helping hands” are needed, and it’s always good to know that there are financial institutions and services like Juanhand, “hands” that are more accessible and more convenient to reach.

Even at the start of its reincarnation, Juanhand has already amassed over 2.5 million users and growing exponentially every day. This is a testament to the app’s convenience, speed and affordability, all made possible by best-in-class technology. Juanhand is definitely making strong waves in its arena, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re missing out.