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Three pillars of the bridge on the railway linking Punjab and Himachal have slipped

The Pathankot Joginder Nagar Railway linking Punjab with Himachal slid three bridge piers across the Chakki River. Due to which the railway line was closed. The pillars broke due to the strong flow of water. So far, Ministry of Railways officials have been reluctant to say anything about it.

The only railway linking Punjab with Himachal was damaged due to rapid flow of water at the Chakki Darya Pathankot Joginder Nagar narrow gauge railway was closed by the Department of Railways until further notice due to the failure of the three pillars of the bridge. Today, officials from different railway departments reached the railway line for inspection. At present, any senior railway official is reluctant to talk about it, but because of this in Punjab, the affairs of Himachal will also be affected, because of which the local people have suffered a lot.

When they spoke to the local people in this regard, they said that the only railway going to Himachal now goes from Joginder Nagar to Kangra Jawalaji in Himachal due to which the pillars of the bridge were broken, vehicles were blocked, traffic came to a standstill. Now they will suffer a lot.

Due to heavy rains in the Kangra valley, the rainy season continued once again from Thursday evening to Friday morning. Due to which traffic in Maclodganj, a tourist town adjacent to the district headquarters of Dharamshala, was completely halted. In such a situation, people lost contact with other places.