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Tying Aadhaar to voters lists will clean voters list from multiple registrations: government sources


Amid opposition criticism of a bill to tie Aadhaar to voter lists, government sources said on Tuesday that the move would solve a “major problem” of multiple registration of a person in different places. and would help “clean up” voters. ‘list to a large extent.

This claim came on a day when Parliament passed the “Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021” to link voter list data to the Aadhaar ecosystem. The bill was passed by Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, a day after Lok Sabha gave the bill the green light.

Government sources said the bill incorporates various electoral reforms that have been discussed for a long time, and shared a 2018 statement by the electoral commission following a meeting of all recognized national and regional parties on various reforms. election.

“Political parties urged the commission to link Aadhaar numbers to voter details for better management of voter lists,” the EC said.

Registration on the electoral roll is done on the basis of a request from a person eligible for registration on the electoral roll and this draft law contains a provision according to which the new applicant can voluntarily provide the Aadhaar number with the request for identity purposes, government sources said.

No application will be rejected on the grounds that the Aadhaar number was not provided, the sources added.

Aadhaar’s link with the voters lists will solve “one of the major problems” in the management of the electoral database which is the multiple registration of the same person in different places, they said.

This may be due to the frequent change of residence of voters and registration in the new location without removing the previous registration, the sources noted.

Thus, the possibility for voters whose names appear on more than one voters list or sometimes more than once on the same voters list can be removed, they said.

Once the Aadhaar link is established, the voters list data system will instantly alert to the existence of previous registrations whenever someone requests a new registration, the sources said.

This will go a long way in “cleaning up” the voters list and making it easier to register voters in the place where they “usually reside”, the sources added.

In addition to linking the electoral rolls to Aadhaar, the bill also seeks to make the statutes gender neutral by substituting the term “wife” with “spouse” to allow voters’ husbands to vote from wherever they are. their wives are affected. It also aims to provide four qualifying dates – January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 – in a year for voter registration, instead of a single qualifying date – January 1.

According to the bill, various articles of the Representation of the People Act, 1950 and 1951 will be amended. The statement of the objects and reasons for the bill indicates that article 23 of the RP law of 1950 will be amended to allow the linking of data from electoral lists with the Aadhaar ecosystem “in order to reduce the threat of multiple registrations of the same person in different places ”’.

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