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Ultraman title logo generator implemented online by McDonald’s Japan

What’s old is Shin again!

As we previously reported, McDonald’s Japan has re-released the hugely popular Chicken Tatsuta burgers. However, this time it’s a collaboration with the release of the new Ultraman reboot. ShinUltraman.

This is great news for fans of the sandwich and tokusatsu series, but there’s another nice twist in this campaign that shouldn’t go unnoticed. McDonald’s has also set up a webpage that allows you to generate your own custom title in the distinctly groovy 60s and 70s Japanese sci-fi style font used for ShinUltraman.

▼ Chicken Tatsuta and Shin Chicken Tatsuta boxes are labeled Ultraman and ShinUltraman fonts respectively

The logo maker website can be found here, and it is very easy to use. Just type whatever you want in the text box, but unfortunately, the text is quite limited to only six katakana characters.

▼ A tribute to my favorite Japanese electronic artist

Then click on generate (ロゴを作る) and in a few seconds your image is created. The word you typed will be added to the top caption of “Return from [TEXT]or “Shin [TEXT]” (“New [TEXT]”) with a picture of a character from Chicken Tatsuta and Ultraman.

“Shin Doddodo”

Once the image is created, you have the option to tweet it for everyone to see. They also don’t seem to have a filter, which means anyone is free to come up with the most juvenile caption they can think of, if you’re into that sort of thing. Or, you can even turn it into a wholesome and heartwarming story.

“The Return of a Lost Cat”

Or you can recreate the classic Japanese meme of blatantly mislabeled images.

“Return of the Big Mac”

“Shin Godzilla”

The six-character sky is the limit with the Ultraman title generator. All kidding aside, the Chicken Tatsuta is one of McDonald’s best burgers in Japan. ShinUltraman also looks like a treat with the same team and vibe as the much-loved shin godzilla film behind him, and will be released in theaters on May 13.

“Return to the Good Times”

You can say it again, chicken sandwich poster generated!

Source: Ultraman Style Logo Maker via Netlab
Photos: Ultraman-style logo maker (made by SoraNews24)
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